Olaf Meißner

Game Designer

About me

Hi, I'm Olaf and I am a game designer with the heart of a gamer and the mindset of a scientist.

Before I decided to follow my passion I earned my degree in physics. I know higher math and I'm not easily intimidated by complex systems. I have a very logical and analytical way of thinking, and an eye for detail while not losing sight of the bigger picture. This combination enables me to identify risks efficiently, preferably before they turn into actual problems. These are my tools to help my team make the best games we can, all while focusing on the product and the user experience.

I have worked on several game projects from the first idea to final release, fulfilling a variety of roles. Among other things I was responsible for system-, level- and narrative design, balancing, project management, sound design, playtesting and quality assurance.

Though I have worked as a producer with great success, I prefer to actively contribute to the game as a game designer. I love to be at the center of the team, to communicate with programmers on one day and artists on the next one, all while I observe the product growing from close up.