My personal Story of Success:

My greatest success there was during our last semester when I joined the team for Soliris as a game designer.

In the third week our team of 17 students was about to transition from pre-production to production when both our appointed producers fell ill. Since I was the one person with the most experience in that role at that time, I took over their responsibilities.

I wrote and managed the backlog, set up the taskboard on trello, organized and moderated team meetings and planned the overall scheduling using agile methods – all while keeping an eye on the scope and waching out for feature creep. One additional challenge was that we had to design a game according to the team composition. Without a single animator certain features simply were not an option while on the other hand three 2D artists needed to be kept busy and happy. I still had my tasks as a game designer and the fact that I was working on the project files directly in the engine allowed me insights into the development a pure producer wouldn’t have.

On Monday I would host the sprint meeting and update the backlog and game design document. On Tuesday I discussed changes to the interface with the UI artist. On Wednesday I analyzed input data using mathmatical methods I learned at the university to assist our programmers refining their algorithms. On Thursday I wrote and implemented the tutorial in Unity and committed my updates using Mercurial version control. On Friday I tweaked some balancing parameters before it was time to get the crew together for the weekly review and retrospective.

Soon I became the person knowing the most about the current state of the project and my role naturally evolved to that of vision keeper.

In short, I had a great time.

Soliris was later praised by teachers and seasoned members of the games industry as one of the best student projects they had seen in a while. While a lot of that success was often attributed to my leadership, it was far from the only factor. While I might be a decent manager with an eye for the product, it was Silvan with his funny memes who made people laugh and kept morale high. And last but not least both planning and motivation can only ever assist a team performing at its best. Without a competent team, there is nothing to assist. So my respect goes to all the members of Team Kantik who did their part to make Soliris a success.


  • Done for Soliris

  • User stories

  • Feature break down, prioritization and complexity evaluation

  • Conditions of satisfaction to keep the feature on track and evaluate completion

  • Created in google sheets

Burndown Chart

  • Done for Soliris

  • Uses live data from backlog and schedule to automatically update on changes

  • Created in google sheets